Friday, June 10, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award!

Here it is, folks! The Stylish Blogger Award! Thank you so much, Amber, for honoring my blog with an award! Readers, you will love Amber’s blog at! She’s very smart and extremely funny. I read her posts when I want insights delivered with a laugh. Today she has a great post called “I’ve Got My Kid on a String.”

Now I get to share seven things about myself, and then I’ll introduce the next ten bloggers to receive the Stylish Blogger Award.

About me:

Deep down, I always believed eventually someone would realize I’m stylish. I had hoped they would get a good look at my wardrobe first, but this late in life I’ll take what I can get!

I’ve homeschooled my kids since day one.

Very few plants survive me.

 I love doggies! Wish I could have one. My favorite dogs: Rhodesian ridgebacks, German shepherds, greyhounds.

I love horseys! Wish I could have one of those, too. (Some girls never grow up!)

My housecleaning standards have gone down as my age has gone up.

In an alternate universe, I’m a movie star!

And here are ten fabulous blogs you’ll want to visit right away.

Katherine at Gorgeous stuff – start your Christmas shopping today!

Nekky at Nigerian lady living in Germany. And yes, she is very stylish!

Stephanie at Courageous mom!

Courtney and Betina at Very stylish! And there’s even a Mr. Darcy page!

Becky Jane at Leave a comment on her blog and be entered in a drawing!

Kim at Very inspiring lady!

Catherine at Organic gardener, homeschooler, more. That’s very stylish, especially if you’re in Santa Cruz!

Jill at Today, learn how to set up a clothesline!

Susan at Of all people, she certainly deserves the stylish award!

Janiece at Latest post is BEAUTIFUL memoir by a soldier about his return.


  1. You can have my horse and dog, and I'll take your plants...
    Thanks for thinking of me!

  2. Congratulations! You are a sweetheart. Thank you for sharing your award with me. Looks like I have a few blogs to visit. Hugs and happy Friday!

  3. Thanks for the award! So nice. I did kill my fair share of plants :)

  4. Congrats on the award!

    Thank you so much for visiting our little blog today and for your lovely comments.

    And an award too? Blush. You are too kind!
    My GFC button has been acting up lately...hope you'll stop by again, seems to be fixed. For now...


  5. Congratulations on your new award! :) I'll be sure to check out the recommended blogs.

    Many blessings,

  6. Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say, yes, you do have a stylish blog. Congratulations on your decision to streamline and have one blog instead of two! I'm planning on visiting some of these stylish blogs you recommend! Blessings.

  7. Thanks everyone, for your sweet comments!

  8. hi Lisa, visiting from VoiceBoks, to be inspired. We're a Christian family here all the way in Malaysia.

  9. Thanks Martha! Welcome to my blog. Your blog is awesome - so fascinating to read about other cultures from an "on-the-ground" view! God bless you!

  10. Congratulations, Lisa! You deserve it! I loved getting my Versatile Blogger award from you and feel so bad for not having the time to tend to the requirements. You are an amazing person and have inspired me more than you will EVER know!



  11. Thanks, Sam! PLEASE don't feel bad about the Versatile blogger requirements! I felt that responding was optional, since it was very time-consuming. I was happy to pass it on!

  12. Congrats on your award. I've always wanted a sheep dog, but living in the heat of Mississippi, I don't think he would survive.

    Stopping by from VoiceBoks!

  13. Congratulations on your award! I have to agree, very stylish! I'm looking forward to reading more.

    Visiting from voiceBoks! :)

  14. Wow, congrats on the award. How exciting. Must be a great feeling!!!!
    I'm here from voiceBoks!